8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Thanks, Ian, for all this. Thanks also to everyone who has had a role in suggesting the blog and getting it up and running. This is my first comment; we’ll see if it works. I’ll try to get familiar with how the blog works, then try to make a post in the not-too-distant future.

    Be Well,


      • Ian, can I simply write a post in Microsoft Word (in a document, off-line) and then, when it’s ready, copy/paste it into the little box into which I’m supposed to write posts (on the Dashboard)? Thanks, Jeff

        • Jeff, you can do that, but when I tried it the embedded links were lost. What I found to work was to use the +new post option at the very top of the page. This opened a more robust editor and did preserve the links in my word document.

    • Thanks so much for setting this up. I’m sure we will quickly come to a useful integration of the email list, this blog, the wiki, and perhaps other communications channels. Let me know if I have to establish a User ID for this, or if some other authentication scheme is in effect. I look forward to vital discussions moving us toward a better world!

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