Vital Philosophy—a timely series

In the interest of expressing what I think, helping to get things going, engaging readers and catalyzing productive conversation (hopefully), and revitalizing philosophy, I will be presenting a series of reasonably brief and pointed posts in the next several weeks.

I’ve listed the titles, as currently planned, below.  As some readers may recognize, the first post—Vital Philosophy and Global Philosophy—was posted earlier this week, and provides helpful context for the rest, which (ideally) would be read in the order presented.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Be Well,

Jeff Huggins

Vital Philosophy—a timely series 

Vital Philosophy and Global Philosophy (already posted:  Sept. 15, 2013)

Life-Aims and Aimlessness

Alien Observations

What Good Am I?


“Modern Philosophy”—as normally practiced

Intricate Nuanced Demure Ideas

Actions speak louder than papers

Philosophy, philosophers, and cooperation

Welcome on the bus!

First steps in the revolution

Knock Knock

Afterwords —

The ground we stand on

Vital Philosophy revisited


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