Six moral values, three fairness, and two liberties provide insight

This article Of Freedom and Fairness by Jonathan Haidt clarifies important distinctions that establish six moral values, three forms of fairness, and two forms of liberty. See:

Perhaps understanding these distinctions can help us move from opposition to paradox to insight when we might otherwise get bogged down in polarized debates.

One thought on “Six moral values, three fairness, and two liberties provide insight

  1. Thanks for posting this, Lee, but somehow reading it makes me feel like I’ve entered a time-warp. Haidt’s theory of moral values may well offer some insights into the ways people of different cultural/political traditions tend to think about issues like taxation, governmental social programs and other such concerns one might have when living in a well-functioning democracy, but we just don’t have one anymore. We have a government that spies on everyone, feeds misinformation to the media (which parrots it out to us), engages with very little restraint in military activities all around the world, lies to the American public in various ways (the Obama administration just as complicit in this as the GW Bush one), and allows the banksters to get away with economic crimes without apology. We can wake up and orient to our new reality, or we can continue living in a dreamworld. The new left-right coalitions will be made up of people who choose to do the former.

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