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  1. Thanks for this, David. This is a great example of institutionalized forces acting — in a mixture of conscious and subconscious ways — to protectively (of itself) screen out criticism and better ways of thinking.

    The same types of pressures and forces undoubtedly influence and constrain the practice of philosophy as well as the ability of philosophers’ voices to gain traction amidst the nonsense and mayhem in society. That said, it seems somewhat revealing that no leading and loud critic of such forces even bothers anymore to point out that academic philosophy and academic philosophers are being unduly pressured and institutionally constrained and (in effect) muted. This might be an indication that philosophy has been — well, what do you call it when a potential weapon has been decommissioned and neutralized? — for a long time, and, even, perhaps, that it has handcuffed itself, voluntarily.

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