Want to get to grips with Whitehead and…

Want to get to grips with Whitehead and his growing influence? Then read this:


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  1. Dear David,

    Others, especially my long-term correspondent Roy Reynolds, tell me that Whitehead was ‘on the brink of natural inclusional awareness’, as is panentheism generally. What he was missing is the awareness of the vital role of receptive space in natural flow-geometry. His mathematical thinking was still entrapped in abstract logic.

    Sometimes (well, every day, actually) it grieves me when the search for fresh insight goes retrospective instead of focusing here and now on what is alive and kicking today, in front of our noses. Is that a predilection of academic philosophical practitioners, an impediment that contributes to their inability to contribute to significant cultural change?

    When I was young, my family had a Tibetan friend, who wrote a book called ‘Idols on the Path’. His main point made a huge impression on me: that our search for ‘enlightenment’ is hugely impeded by getting stuck admiring idols along the way instead of keeping going in the here and now.

    Yes, it would be great if Whitehead’s work could provide an opening for people to explore more deeply. But it would not be good if they then get stuck there.

    • PS Some recent ‘tweets’:

      What abstract static geometry views as definitive structure is INviting intangible presence in natural flow-geometry bestthinking.com/article/permal… 14 November 2013

      Nature’s Laws are INtangible, IMPLICIT within behaviour, NOT imposed abstract structure. Human law-making tries to work the other way round. 14 November

      To make natural sense we need to move out of the abstract logic of zero OR one to the flow-logic of zero IN one. bestthinking.com/article/permal… 12 November

      To appreciate the infinite depth of reality, we have to let go of the non-existent sides of the pool and swim in it. inclusional-research.org/furtherreading… 11 November

      What is vital to material existence, yet treated by materialism and spiritualism as non-existent or non-physical? bestthinking.com/article/permal… 11 November

      Viewed in this way Sacred Geometry and Ideal Forms can be understood as implicit within receptive space as an attractor of natural energy flow, not impositions upon receptive space by an external Orderer of energy flow.

      That’s quite an inversion of how we’ve all been taught to think and ‘follow our Leader’, isn’t it?!

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