Challenging the Anthropocene

Dear members of the Global Circle:

I am attaching a link to a pdf essay by Eileen Crist that I believe is excellently written and that expresses a viewpoint that reflects very closely my own ethical stance on the present trajectory of “the human enterprise”:

My only significant disagreement with her is that I think it is good that this extreme expression of unbalanced yang in our culture has named itself, and can now be made the target of extensive interrogation and ultimately reversal.

Would anyone like to argue in favor of, or give a few Hoo-wahs in self-stroking support for, what is being named, in the discourses Crist anaylzes, “the Anthropocene”?

2 thoughts on “Challenging the Anthropocene

  1. Ronnie, thanks for this. It is a remarkable essay. I hope everyone reads it. It seems to me that it’s an eloquent cornerstone statement of the ethic/attitude that we’ve been talking about here, that is called for, and that “humanity” should have had all along, and perhaps once did (in the very distant past), but trampled in the dust. Thanks again for this great essay. It will be very worthwhile to talk about and point to.

    Be Well,


    • Yes, it is a fine essay, though I think it would be helped by an awareness of the root philosophical and psychological source of human dislocation from Nature. I have sent Eileen a copy of my paper entitled ‘Space Cannot Be Cut – why self-identity naturally includes neighbourhood’.

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