University of Chicago, Reflections on Wisdom in Education

In November, an international group of about 30 presenters and guests came together in Chicago to discuss how wisdom strengthens education as they listened to talks on the topic from a variety of perspectives.

The focus seemed to be on Wisdom as a tool or technique to enhance lecturing on “the same old topics” rather than exploring new topics, or advancing new inquiry to bring wisdom to life.

4 thoughts on “University of Chicago, Reflections on Wisdom in Education

  1. I signed-up to Chicago University Wisdom Research when they announced it had funding to set up a new department a few years ago. Apart from the promising start, being in Chicago and originally calling their project “Arete”, I too have been disappointed that it appeared to be “more of the same”.

  2. I take your point Alan. But still, as a former teaching quality fellow, I appreciate the focus on teaching. Some of the comments on the art of teaching, using metaphors such as dance & theatre, are particularly apt because teaching & learning should focus on the nexus between rationality & emotion, where lies wisdom.

    My criticism is the northern focus of the discussions. The concepts of East & West are northern hemisphere constructs after all. Some consideration of the wisdom of, for instance, the Polynesians having to survive on comparatively limited resources, would’ve created a more global voice.

  3. Yes, that is the typical stuck pattern of those unable to admit the profound mistake of discounting the inductive influence of intangible omnipresence in natural phenomena. Tiresome.

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