3 thoughts on “How to Change the World

  1. Dear Lee,

    I am truly amazed and grateful for your efforts to enhance the global reach for deep human understanding of the nature of reality, and for ways we humans can engage in building toward a peaceful, sustainable, creative future. I share this vision. I also share Dr. Alan Rayner’s claim that, in order to “change the world” we also need to question the underlying assumptions of how we perceive the world. There are biases that underlie essentially all of our human institutions, and those unquestioned assumptions continue to subvert the best attempts to heal our relations with each other and with the world of nature.

    As we concerned citizens move forward, guided by an ongoing quest for grounding our efforts in wisdom, may we be humble, receptive, and vulnerable enough to move forward by “living into the questions,” instead of asserting our knowledge as if we think we already have the answers. We don’t. I offer this. I hold that wisdom continually reminds us to learn from experience shared in circles devoted to inquiry, learning, and mutual understanding and mutual discovery. If we remain ever receptive to what the living world can teach us, we humans might actually navigate together toward transforming civilization. At least we can hope that enough of us can make a difference by moving forward in this manner of receptive inquiry. Thanks for your wise leadership and example on the Internet.

    Rev. Roy Reynolds, Unitarian Universalist
    Atlanta, GA

  2. There is no shortage of description of all the social, economic, psychological, educational, scientific and environmental problems that arise from a warped worldview.

    There is a desperate shortage of awareness of the mistaken perception that lies at the root of these problems and how this fundamental mistaken perception can be rectified.

    I find it very difficult to join in with well-intended efforts to ‘change the world’ that do not recognise what is wrong with current perceptions of ‘how the world actually is’.

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