New course material in the Applied Wisdom curriculum

New course material is now available in the Wikiversity Applied Wisdom curriculum.

A new course “Beyond Theism” is available at:

A new module on “Examining Ideologies” is available at:

These materials benefited from comments on early drafts provided by Alan Rayner and others.

I hope students find them useful.

One thought on “New course material in the Applied Wisdom curriculum

  1. Dear Lee,

    These are interesting and challenging courses. Congratulations on putting
    them together.

    As I was reading your invitation to compare ‘big bang cosmology’ with other
    creation stories, I was struck by the need to recognise that theories based
    on actual observations (as per big bang cosmology) can nonetheless be
    underpinned by false assumptions. A good historical example is the Ptolemaic
    representation of the Universe, based on actual evidence of the apparent
    movement of stars and planets, yet founded on the assumption that the Earth
    was fixed in the centre of the solar system. By the same token, all modern
    scientific theories of biological and cosmological evolution are based on
    actual observations (e.g. fossil record; red shift of galaxies) but
    underpinned by the abstract mathematical and philosophical assumption of a
    paradoxically definitive starting point/process in which material presence
    is isolated from or conflated with spatial presence.

    I think this recognition needs to come to the fore, that theories can be
    ‘evidence-based’ in the sense that they arise from real observations, yet
    are nonetheless dependent on unrealistic assumptions that are not consistent
    with evidence. These unrealistic assumptions usually make themselves known
    through the paradoxes and inconsistencies of the theory that they give rise



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