Vision of Humanity 2015 Global Peace Index

The 2015 Global Peace Index reveals an increasingly divided world: many countries achieve historic levels of peace, while strife-torn nations continue to degrade into violence. Explore the data for yourself on the interactive Global Peace Index map.

One thought on “Vision of Humanity 2015 Global Peace Index

  1. I have not yet fully perused this website, but I am already a bit concerned about how and by whom this data was gathered and interpreted, seeing the map to be solidly red over Russia and only slightly pink over the United States and reading this sentence: “Ukraine suffered the second largest deterioration: following a popular revolution which brought down the administration of Viktor Yanukovych, Russia moved to destabilise the country, meaning it scored poorly on organised conflict indicators.” There seems to be another viewpoint “out there” in cyberspace, one that seems at least equally credible, holding that there is increasing encirclement of Russia by US/NATO forces and that they have installed a puppet government in the Ukraine. Moreover, while I am not personally in a position to judge the Ukrainean situation “objectively,” I think I can make judgments about what’s been happening in my own country, which has been descending on a sharply downward moral spiral since 9/11/01. With the US having over 700 military bases around the world and engaging in or precipitating active conflict in many places, plus gearing up for what is apparently a very large, yet officially-uncharacterized (i.e., kept essentially secret from the American public and completely out of the mainstream media) military “drill” within the United States (“Jade Helm 15”) as well as a huge Navy exercise entailing massive bombing and sonar bombardment in the Gulf of Alaska (see that is sure to have devastating environmental effects, I must object to labeling the United States of America as a relatively “peaceful” place. If we truly want to pursue peace in the world, we must start with an honest assessment of what’s really going on.

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