Having now got this simple blog up and running, I’m conscious that the mantra emerging from the mailing list so far is let’s maximise action and minimise the mail box. It’s a common frustration with on-line communities, that whether email, forum or blog based, that all we ever seem to do is talk (in or about written text). Sooner rather than later, the on-line communications should concern actions we’re taking individually and as a group. However, it will be exceptional, that many of us do actually get together to act in any physically co-located activity, so in general we are only going to get to know each other through our conversations, mainly conversations via electronic media.

One of the things I like about the way this group has come together so far, is that despite the common aims, we are nevertheless from many overlapping groups and initiatives with their own principal activities and goals, each with our own pet-projects and pet-subjects. In some sense, since “wise action” to tackle global problems is our common aim, we all must be to some extent “pragmatic” yet we’ve got this far without nailing our common colours to the mast of any particular methodology or “ism”. I think that’s healthy.

One suggestion I have, is that in order to fast-track “getting to know” each other, and respect each other’s existing projects and activities, we should probably each pen an “introduction” for a members page, with links to our existing activities and pet resources. One reason to do this (from experience) is that we will often feel the relevance to “plug” something we’re already doing, yet feel guilty about too many personal plugs hijacking other members posts. The links and resources, should all find their way into the wiki and or other web-pages as appropriate, but a personal statement of interests, publications and aspirations of each member should stand in their own right?

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  1. Ian, I notice you have a spiffy profile including a photo. This seems to be from a “public” wordpress presence. Can I create a “full feature” profile within including my photo, biography, etc. or is all that only available on the “public” wordpress profile? Thanks!

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