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Please use the Global Circle Wiki to capture, refine, and organize ideas that emerge from our various discussion, post, comments, and deliberations.

Also visitors, students, editors, scholars, and course developers are welcome to engage with the Wikiversity Applied Wisdom curriculum, currently under development.

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  1. I’m really interested in what you are doing here. I feel frustrated that there is so little capacity manifested in public debate to articulate clearly what is wrong with the systems that we are enmeshed in. I am attempting to articulate this as a problem to do with what we tell ourselves about our ‘agency’, in particular our ‘moral agency’ and what we think of as ‘the good’ of systems. I’ve worked to revise the use of these terms to show that there is a different way of understanding them and that this is more useful. However, I’m suspicious (and my use of ‘the good’ shows this) of an ethical or moral approach to this. I don’t think we solve the problem by replacing an existing ethos (the kind of ‘growth is good’ ethos that seems to govern most institutions at the moment) with another ethos. Apart from anything else, doing anything in the same form as what has been done before – and introducing a new ethos falls into that category – is just introducing a new meme, or a new idea that competes, successfully or otherwise, with existing ideas. I think we do better to look at Asian traditions, though this is both more radical, and more limited, as an approach for change. I am really interested in keeping in touch and I would very much like to see if I could contribute (when I have submitted my thesis, next week!) to the discussion. Thanks for doing this. And good luck!

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