Some Housekeeping Suggestions

Now that we have some traction with getting valuable content and interaction on The Global Circle Blog, I want to remind us of a number of other tasks which will add and maintain value. Remember we still have a very crude template (or “theme”) which limits functionality seen, and I’m keen to add more in.

The basic posting / titling / tagging of posts / pages / statuses is clearly a little confusing – in what you can do on the public page and what you can do via the dashboard – we shouldn’t need to worry about such techy options. I can fix that with a change of theme.

Secondly the style of contributions – we have several distinct styles, worth getting into some habits how we use them. We have
(a) This link is interesting – full stop.
(b) This link is interesting – and here is how and why I think it related to some specific part of our agenda.
(c) Here is a longer essay / piece of writing I’ve created, with or without links.
(d) Emails to the JISC Mailing List, which really are candidates for blog posts. I’d like to encourage all who still post to the mail list to post to the blog – everyone on the mail list gets a notification copy anyway.
In all cases these are valuable resources.

The actual essays / longer pieces we should capture as separate documents / pages rather than just leave in a date sequenced set of posts. Much easier to add additional links and suggestions later. (If anyone needs help publishing any new writing in on-line formats, just ask.)

The linked articles of interest, comments on these and the original writings are all resources. Resources we should organise, and we should probably do this using Lee’s Wikiversity pages – since that’s exactly what they were intended for. Myself (and I’m sure Lee) are happy to do the legwork organizing, moving, linking, publishing – but we need the group to give us pointers as to the topics the resources should be organised and linked under. What I’m asking is that people start to use the tagging for all posts, be creative, invent tags as you go, if the existing ones don’t take your fancy. I / we can use these to create actual categories and structure so that the resource grows in long term value, rather than fleeting interest.

(Don’t panic if my changes of theme and configuration change what you see on the blog, all content is safe, and will re-appear somewhere.)