Would it be helpful to engage Mensa International in Bringing Wisdom to Life?

Mensa International is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Part of their stated mission is to foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mensa_International#Mission

Would it be wise to engage their organization or interested members more directly in Bringing Wisdom to Life? Perhaps we could begin a dialogue on the common interests of a our two groups, the distinction between “smart” and “wise”, and identify what more they can do to increase and apply wisdom.

They have about 110,000 members world wide. If we could mobilize them in making wise decisions and taking wise action it could be an important force for doing good. See: http://www.mensa.org/

Do any of the Global Circle members have direct experience with Mensa? What ideas do we have for approaching them on this topic?

Questions Queue

I propose this as a place Global Circle members pose questions they believe are vitally important, will serve to provide insight, and are within the scope of the Global Circle. Members are encouraged to contribute answers, pointers to existing resources that provide partial answers, refinements of the questions, and related questions. Links to answers being developed are included. Members are also encouraged to indicate the urgency and importance they attribute to the question. Please offer your comments via reply to this post. I’ll update this list as comments are received.

Here is the current list of questions:

    1. What is the aim and purpose of the Global Circle? How is the Global Circle differentiated from other groups of philosophers, other discussion groups, and other organizations working on global problems? In a paragraph or two, how do you describe the aim and purpose you would ideally like to see?
    2. Imagine the world as you would like it to be; as you believe it ultimately can be. Please describe this world. What makes that world good? What makes that world better than other concepts of desirable future worlds? What is of value in life, and how is it to be realized? What stages do you foresee the world transforming through to attain that wise world.
    3. What is the most pervasive obstacle slowing progress toward that wise world?
    4. What matters most?
    5. What educational curriculum best prepares people to live wisely?
    6. What is the most important action that can be taken to increase progress toward the wise world we envision?
    7. What are the grand challenges the world now faces?
    8. How can government effectiveness best be assessed? How can government effectiveness best be improved?
    9. How can bureaucracies learn to make wiser decisions?
    10. How can the general populace become wiser?
    11. How can we best assess the level of wisdom of an individual, a group, an organization, an institution, a nation or the world? Where is wisdom coming to life?
    12. What unfounded assumptions do we allow to go unchallenged? Which ones are most consequential?
    13. What forces, if any, work to align legal justice with moral justice?