Seeing Through Egocentrism

Egocentrism may be the most engaging, pervasive, and disorienting illusion misleading us.

In a recent TEDx talk Erika Casriel suggests that we learn to understand the world from a more accurate and powerful perspective she calls consciocentrism.

Her talk is on-line at

I was fortunate to see the talk in person earlier this year. She is working on a book exploring this concept in more depth. I believe this is an important insight and I look forward to learning more about it.

I will appreciate learning of related materials you might recommend.


Lee Beaumont

I recently read and reviewed a book I…

I recently read and reviewed a book I highly recommend.

Superfuel tells us the sad story of how uranium was chosen over thorium to fuel our nuclear power plants.
Thorium can provide an abundant, safe, and clean energy solution.

An energy solution is one prerequisite to creating the wise world we want.

I recommend this book and I ask you to join me in advocating thorium as part of a wise energy solution